Xiamen PRIME is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of CNC Machining products for more than 15 years in     China.Founded in 2003, It based in Tongan Industry Zone ,Xiamen.we own our plant of 7000 square meters .

    we have 125 skillful employees,and a full series of CNC Machining equipments & Inspection Facilities to serve our customers with high quality products. After 15 years development, we have formed a large group of manufacturing facilities and inspection equipments to support our clients.

    Our company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and has a number of utility models and design patents.

    Our customers are mainly large enterprises of national and abroad, Foreign customers are mainly concentrated in Europe, America and Japan.Processing products focus on medical devices, new energy, environmental protection, electronics and other industries. At the same time, The company also provides custom-made metal gift processing services for customers.

    The products processed by the company cover metal materials such as aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, mould steel, Non-metallic materials such as: POM, nylon, plastic peek, Bakelite, etc. At the same time, our products can be made according to customer requirements, such as anodizing, blackening, galvanizing, chrome, nickel, silver, gold, sandblasting, baking paint and so on. To provide customers with one-stop product processing services.


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